Crowns and Bridges

Our teeth are tough and designed to last a lifetime. But we put them through a lot over the years, and as strong as they are, they are not indestructible. Sometimes teeth become damaged and need to be repaired or even replaced. When restorations are required, we are here to help.

At Sequoia Family Dental, Dr. Thien Van Tran can create dental restorations to repair or replace teeth that look like your natural teeth—and function like them as well.

What Are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is often called a tooth cap because of the way it covers your tooth structure like a helmet. When a dental crown is in place, it absorbs the forces of chewing and protects the compromised tooth structure below it.

Situations that might require a dental crown include damage that occurs with a tooth, including fractures, cracks, or decay. We also recommend dental crowns after root canal treatment or to rebuild a tooth that has been worn down.

Our dental crowns are custom-made just for you so that they will match your natural teeth beautifully. We use state-of-the-art materials to create crowns that are strong, durable, and long-lasting.

Dental Crown Treatment

Before he starts preparing your tooth to receive the crown, Dr. Tran will be sure to numb the area completely, so you are comfortable during the procedure. We remove the damaged part of the tooth before we take an impression of it, then we send the impression to our lab for crown fabrication. Dr. Tran will fit you with a temporary crown while you wait the two weeks or so for your custom crown to be made.

When you come in for your permanent crown, Dr. Tran will place it and make any necessary adjustments before cementing it into place.

Dental Bridge Treatment

We will do everything within our power to save your tooth, but in some cases, extraction is the best option. If this happens, we offer tooth replacement solutions that look natural and will protect your healthy teeth. When a tooth is missing in your mouth, your other teeth tend to move toward the empty space to fill it in. This can result in problems with your bite and uneven wear of your teeth. It can also lead to more tooth loss.

A dental bridge literally bridges the gap where one or more teeth are missing. Crowns are placed on the teeth adjacent to the space in your mouth, offering a place for the bridge to attach. The bridge will not only restore your ability to chew comfortably, but it will enhance your appearance and protect your teeth from shifting.

Give Us a Call if You Have a Damaged or Missing Tooth

Your smile is an important part of who you are, and we want to help you protect it. Call our Canton, MA practice today and find out more about dental crowns and bridges.