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What is a root canal?

Although many people have an innate fear of getting a root canal, this is usually because they usually associate the procedure with the tooth pain that brought them to the dentist in the first place. The root canal itself is not a painful procedure and many patients who have had one admit that it is no worse than having a cavity filled.

When an infection develops in the root of the tooth, patients usually experience quite a bit of pain. Without treatment, the pain will not get better, and the infection can spread, so it’s crucial to seek treatment immediately.

The procedure itself is simple: After numbing the affected area, Dr. Tran will remove the infected nerves and tooth pulp from the tooth through a tiny hole drilled in the tooth for that purpose. Then he will thoroughly clean the area, rinsing it with an antibiotic to eliminate the infection. The tooth is then filled and sealed.

Because the living tissue of the tooth has been removed, we generally place a dental crown on top of the remaining tooth structure, which tends to become brittle. This will ensure you have full function of your tooth after the procedure.

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